Hello.  I’m Kevin Dunaway. I’m Pastor here at Life Connection Baptist Church. & I want to start by saying thank you for your interest & for allowing me a moment to tell you about our congregation.

      We are a relatively small church.  I say relatively because being located right outside Ft. Riley, we like so many of our precious families, see a lot of transition.  We’ve been larger than we are now. We’ve been smaller than we are now, & we’ll be both again.  That’s the nature of where God has called us to serve.

     So, the face of LIfe Connection Baptist changes a lot.  But the heart… The Heart of who we are is constant.  As a Church we are a family.  Not by age or label, but by intentional decision.  We love each other.  We serve each other.  & We work side by side to accomplish God’s purposes.  If you’re looking for a church to disappear in, we might not be what you’re looking for.  If you’re looking for a church that will love you & accept you & yet still challenge and expect you to grow, then maybe Life Connection Baptist is the next church home for you. Why don’t you give us a try.