Dunway Family 2023-1



Rob Mocabee


Rob is an Army pilot retiree who flew Chinooks and is an elder in our church. After settling in Manhattan, Rob and his wife Stephanie got plugged in to Life Connection. Rob sees his role as facilitating the work of the church and serving its members and visitors with the love and grace of God. 

Kevin Dunaway



Kevin came to our family from his hometown of Huntsville, Alabama in 2010.  He did undergraduate work at Samford University in Birmingham, as well as graduate work at both Duke University and Southeastern Southern Baptist Seminary. Kevin sees his role in the church as helping individuals and the body fufill who God in Christ has called them to be.  Kevin and his wife, Kim, have four chidlren.


Email: pastor@lifeconnectionbaptist.org

Vicki Van Meter


Vicki started playing piano at the age of 5.  God began using her life and gifts in music at this early age and continued through elementary, middle, and high school.  She spent two years working towards a music degree before God called her to a different focus. Vicki says, "Music has, is, and always will be a huge part of my life and I thank God everyday for the wonderful talent He has given me.  They are worth nothing without Him and I strive every day to use them for His glory."


Email: worshipleader@lifeconnectionbaptist.org