Welcome  to our Military!

We want to take a minute to speak with all of our service members and their families out there, so thank you for listening.  As a member of the military, you know the difficulties a new posting brings. Among them is the struggle to find a new church. It can be demoralizing, frustrating, and you will do it over and over in your career. What you probably realize, but may not think about, is the impact this can have on your spiritual growth. After you PCS, it may take you 6 months to a year to find a church you believe God wants you to serve with. If you are fortunate, you will find a church home and have enough time to get to know people before there is a deployment. And even when you are home, you will have NTC, training, 24 hour duty, etc.  It is a crazy life.  It can leave you in a place where your life in Christ and the local body of Christ is just as crazy. I am personally committed to helping you and your family overcome that. First, by helping you find a church home as quickly as possible. That does not have to be LIfe Connection Baptist Church. I am good friends with many of the area pastors and know their congregations. If I can help you find where God wants you sooner, then you can get involved in growing and serving sooner. Please allow me to be a resource to help you get plugged in somewhere faster.  Secondly, should you choose to come to our church, we are committed to help you meaningfully connect with other people through personal discipling and Kingdom service.